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Wooden spoons carved with only hand tools such as axe and knife. wood is locally and responsibly sourced from my own property and the surround Green Mountains. 


All spoons are made using hand tools from log to spoon using tools such as an axe, knife, and drawknife. Some spoon’s bowls have been hand sanded to enhance the natural grain and show a contrast between the knife finished and sanded areas. Other times a knife only finish is achieved.  Wood is locally sourced, much of which is salvage after storms, scraps from other makers or recycled.


Hand wash only. Do not soak spoons in water and do not put any wooden wares into the dish washer. Wooden utensils should be hand washed with mild dish soap and towel dried. To keep wooden wares looking their best, oil with a non perishable oil monthly. Mineral oil works well.


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