Stone Family of Makers

Dave is from a long line of makers. When Dave was not getting as much studio time while taking care of Chase full time, he learned spoon carving which was more portable. Dave has been known to teach children on the playground how to carve spoons (back in the days when being on a playground with others was socially acceptable). 

Dave's Great Grandfather was Jents Henry Rohnstock. He was a stained glass artist who became well known throughout the country for creating windows for some of the largest churches and cathedrals in the US, including the Washington Cathedral in D.C.

Dave's grandmother, daughter of Jents Henry Rohnstock, was discouraged from attending art school; however, she pursued several arts of sewing, leather tooling and textile arts. 


Dave's maternal grandfather was Jack Calderwood, of Calderwood and Preg, ran a business that designed hand illustrated shoe advertisements for the newspaper and catalogs.

1916 boots, men's, women's

(we were unable to find exact drawings from Jack Calderwood. The above image serves as an example of a drawn shoe advertisement).


It is not surprising that ThePotterStone pottery is well known for adding intricate details to increase the aesthetics of the piece when viewed at any angle.


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